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Date:April 06, 2015

Big Truck (18 wheeler) Accidents

Trucking accidents are not just car accidents involving bigger vehicles. At Davenport, Lavette & Cleckler, in Birmingham, Alabama, our big truck (18 wheeler) accident attorneys have had significant success handling motor vehicle accident cases involving the careless or wrongful actions of truck drivers.

Building a Truck Accident Case:

Trucking companies often dispatch investigators, lawyers, as well as their insurance representative to the scene of an accident, with the objective of limiting their liability. Once we are retained, we assemble our team to begin to preserve evidence related to the accident. Some evidence can be lost if not quickly preserved, including driver’s logs and vehicle tracking devices that record speed, braking, and engine RPMs at the time of the accident. We capture evidence of the accident scene by photographic, video, or digital technology. We also search the truck driver’s driving record and maintenance records of the truck.